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Gourmet Woodenware

All my products are made exclusively with food-safe materials.

Cheese Slicers are also ideal for portioning out soft dough when baking, especially for cutting rolled things like cinnamon buns as the thin wire cuts through soft dough cleanly.

Cheese Slicers , Bread Slicers and small serving boards ('Curvy' and 'Swiss Cheese') can be shipped by Canada Post or picked up Curb-Side in Barrhaven.

Additional shipping cost for a second or third cheese slicer, Bread Slicer or serving board is typically only a few dollars more.

Charcuterie Boards  cannot be shipped because of their size and are Curb-Side pickup in Barrhaven only.

The store is closed for maintenance

How I craft my Cheese Slicers

I apply the most appealing and best suited woodworking techniques including inlays and electrifying the wood with a skilled hand that produces lasting results. My pieces are combinations of organic shapes, contrasting colours, intricate inlays and precision joinery. I strive to let the grain of the wood speak for itself, while juxtaposing more rigid geometries of the manmade world beside the natural aspects of the wood. A deep appreciation for the chosen material, and a calm, sensitive approach to design and to the making itself, all combine to set the tone for my work. I absolutely love what I do.

In my latest designs, I apply 10,000 volts of electricity to the wood which causes the electricity to follow the natural path of the wood’s structure, burning the wood as it flows. I then clean the charred wood with a stiff brush and fill the burned in pattern with a food-safe soy based epoxy which I colour and polish producing a one-of-a-kind, created-by-nature design.

When making a cheese slicer, I drill a hole to mount the stainless steel handle, cut a groove for the cutter, and attach the stainless steel wire. I also supply extra cutting wires just in case the original becomes damaged through extreme use. Each piece is hand sanded until glass smooth and then rubbed with natural mineral oil or salad bowl finish both of which are certified food-safe.

Everything I make is assembled with environmentally friendly materials which are certified food-safe.

These handcrafted cheese slicers are made out of Canadian Maple, Cherry, Walnut or Oak, hand sanded until glass smooth and then rubbed with food-safe natural mineral oil. With waterproof and food-safe glue these tough slicers are built to last a lifetime and longer. The stainless steel cutting wire easily cuts soft or hard cheese and produces perfect slices every time because unlike a knife, the cheese does not stick to the thin stainless steel cutting wire.

As a solid wood product, a dishwasher is not advisable but your cheese slicer can be rinsed and hand dried.

video showing the making of an epoxy inlaid cheese slicer.